Assignments for universities are greatly difference from the assignments you get at school or college. These assignments follow a complete structure and the writing pattern is also strictly according to a template. Most university assignments are written in a third person format. They are persuasive and presented with a sound argument that reflect the research carried out by the students.

In this article, we have focused on some of the best academic assignment writing tips that can help you become better at writing your assignments because we have experienced that most students struggle with ‘How To Write Essay’ dilemma.

1. Collect Information

First tip is an obvious one. Collect information, as much information as you can about the topic at hand. For example, if the topic is related to ‘inflation’ then get all information about how the money works. Why inflation occurs and what are its remedies.

Read research papers of subject matter experts to add more strength to your argument. But at the same time make sure you don’t populate your assignment with facts and overshadow the argument that you have to write about in your academic assignment write up.

2. Form a Structure

Academic writers say to check what type of assignment you have to do and then form a structure about it. This way you will have a fair idea about the time it will take to complete that assignment. All types of university assignments are different. They range from book reviews, to articles, to research and documentation of programmable code. Distinguishing each assignment and then making its content outline will give you a fair idea about how to start.

Here is a complete list of university assignments that you can expect from professors:

  • Essay
  • Research proposals
  • Dissertations
  • Reports
  • Case studies
  • Reflective writing
  • Term paper

3. Write Thesis Statement

Once you have the structure, write thesis statement that is the result that you want to reach at the end of the assignment. Thesis is the central point and it captures reader attention. Make it so it offers an introduction and a conclusion of the assignment in a summary format at the very start. Focus on making it apt, stringent, and evidence-packed.

All arguments you do in the writing assignment need to support the thesis statement.

4. Add References

School assignments never asked for references. But you can’t clear the university with the same assignments. References play an essential role in university assignments. References support ideas with evidence-based information. Here are a few techniques that you can use to reference university assignments.

  1. End-texting referencing
  2. In-texting referencing

Both are used to add references to assignments, essays and research reports in University years.

References can be added in APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago format. All these referencing styles are used for easy layout of information. You can only add one style in one document. So, make sure to ask the professor about the type of referencing style you can use.

5. Back Your Claims with Facts

Once you have the outline made, the first thing you need to do is to add facts to your assignment. Facts add value. They are solid arguments and bring more weight to university assignments. To make your assignments more engaging, and to easily get better grades in classes, here is what you need to do.

  • Present your arguments with sound reasoning in relation information available in pre-existing literatures
  • Separate discussion from paragraphs and headings. Each section should advance with the focus on the central argument
  • Make facts and evidence support the central argument
  • Interlink ideas within the assignment to present it with more solid argument
  • The reader should readily connect with the ideas intended by the writer.

6. Check for Errors & Grammar

Once the assignment is complete read it out a loud so that you can observe any errors within the write-up. Most reasons assignments are reverted by the professors because they contain factual errors. You can verify this by rechecking the references you used for making the assignment. Once you have checked it for errors, recheck it for grammar. There are many tools available online to improve the readability of a paper. You can use Grammarly software for basic grammatical errors, passive and readability score by datayze, to improve the overall readability.

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