Being a good girlfriend with the burden of college studies

Having a steady boyfriend in college is a wonderful experience. The companionship, social acceptance, and emotional fulfilment is an important part of transitioning to adulthood; however, you need to balance your commitments towards your boyfriend and your responsibilities as a student. Here’s what you can do.

Set priorities

Setting priorities is something that you are never too young to learn. Yes, your boyfriend is very important and deserves the attention you give him. But so do your studies. A good college education affects your whole life, including your own personality, lifestyle, financial wellbeing, and social class. And this is the right time to work on it. Thinking about your priorities and what they mean to you go a long way in making you grounded and having reasonable expectations from your relationship.

Give personal space

It can be great to have someone you can call upon when you feel the need for emotional attachment, but having personal space is important too. People nowadays have a lot more commitments than they did in the past and need more time to honour those. Taking time out and giving each other personal space can actually be a blessing. You can use to time to focus on your studies and complete your assignments without worrying about whether your boyfriend might hold a grudge against you for neglecting him. He is most probably completing his shift or getting down to completing his term report.

Work out a schedule

Building a relationship requires conscious effort. Compromises are necessary if the relationship is to be beneficial for you as well as your boyfriend. It is important to understand each other’s responsibilities (e.g. studies, work, family, personal health, and so on) and work out a schedule where you can spend time together or simply touch base without distracting each other from their responsibilities. As long as you share information with one another and are ready to cooperate, you won’t feel anxious despite not meeting for days.

Create a support system

Having a solid support system is absolutely essential to maintaining a relationship in college. Misunderstandings, arguments and differences are part of every relationship, but if they prolong and remain unresolved, it can affect your grades and your boyfriend’s as well. Parents, friends, coworkers can all be perfect agents to support your relationship during such rough patches. Create a network of people who support your relationship and are ready to step in when needed.

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