Being Single on College Campus??

Being single, or unattached, while in college may seem like a banal existence to a lot of young people, but the truth is that there are many out there on campuses around the world who have not yet committed to a ‘steady’ relationship. Can any good come out of being single on campus? Here’s what we think.

Greater focus on schoolwork

We haven’t come across any scientific studies that link being single to getting good grades, but it’s reasonable to expect that single people have more time and attention for schoolwork. Being single means you have more time to finish assigned readings, visit the library, and complete term papers and projects, without other interests competing for your time. You are also likely to be more attentive in class and participate more actively, which helps to build credibility with your teachers.

Less relationship stress

While being in a relationship is an enjoyable experience, a good deal of stress also comes with it. The stress to be always available and on your most considerate behaviour, the stress of not having yet developed complete trust on your partner, and so on. It can become unbearable at times. Single people don’t have to go through all that. They decide what to do with their life and don’t have to spend time worrying about what their partner is doing. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

More time for friends

Being single means that you don’t need to take a rain check to go out with friends. Single people are always ready for a night out with the gals (or guys, for that matter) and don’t have to feel guilty about it. Just think, no calls to respond to, no posts to like, nobody to answer to. Being single also gives people the opportunity to make non-romantic friendships with the opposite sex. Such relationships can greatly enrich one’s social skills.

Me Time

So many people crave for quality me-time nowadays that it’s not funny. Especially with social media, it feels like everybody but you have a right to your time. One of the perks of being single is that people can just be themselves more often. You can dress as you like, eat what you like and hang out where you like. There’s nobody judging or trying to conform you to their way of thinking. A lot of people would actually be envious of this kind of freedom and independence.

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