Having a crush on college campus

When talking of crushes, people generally think one can only have crushes in high school. There’s a perception that people tend to outgrow that sweet, giddy feeling once they step out of high school. The truth is having a crush on college campus is quite normal and actually quite common. How you deal with it is another matter altogether.

Accept your feelings

This is the first step to dealing with a crush at college. Acknowledge your feelings. Having a crush on someone at college is an okay thing and nothing to feel embarrassed about. You are still maturing as a person and are still figuring out what kind of person would be a good companion for you. So it’s perfectly alright to become infatuated with someone who’s smart, good-looking, well-dressed, funny, intelligent, or just a nice guy (or gal).

Know more about your crush

No sense in denying the fact that stalking is the first thing we do as soon as we find out the name of our crush. Thank you social media for making things so simple (really?). While taking stalking someone on social media to an extreme level is clearly unhealthy, there’s no harm in learning about a person from their public social media profiles. In fact, you might be doing yourself a favour by getting to know your crush as a real person with a family, friends, a job, etc. instead of simply an object of fantasy.

Don’t obsess about them

This follows from the above suggestion. Learn more about your crush so that if you are compatible, you can take the next step and introduce yourself. But, do not become obsessed with your crush. Your friends will lose no time in telling you when you start neglecting them, your studies, work, and even your family by thinking about your crush all the time. Remind yourself that you will eventually move out of this crush, but the time you wasted will never come back.

Is there a future?

Time to get a little more serious. Most crushes are transient, but look at the whole picture. You’re at college, more mature than you were in high school, and have a general idea of what you want to do in life. It’s not a bad place to start thinking about a long-term relationship. Could your crush be the one? Who knows? Once you’ve introduced yourself, start getting to know his or her personality. What is his/her family like? What do they want to do in life? Does it look like you two could have a future together?

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