The Best Movies About School

Movies about school can be described as escapist fun, but they can also be inspiring and deeply touching. Here, we talk about five of the best movies about school and the peculiar experiences that all of us go through during our school years.

  1. Dead Poets Society

One of the most inspiring movies about the high school experience, Dead Poets Society, directed by Weir is also one of Robin Williams’ best remembered performances. Not a typical adolescent movie that views high school through rose-tinted glasses, this 1989 movie recounts a charismatic boarding school English teacher’s efforts to kindle imagination and zeal among his students. Despite an unconventional not-so-happy ending, this is an inspiring, poignant tale about self-discovery, youthful rebellion, freedom and rejoicing in one’s dreams.

  1. Clueless

Also regarded as a classic chick-flick, this 1995 high school movie is loosely based on Jane Austen’s unforgettable classic Emma. Known for the landmark performance by Alicia Silverstone, Clueless epitomizes the filthy rich, uber popular, self-centrered high school queen, Cher, who learns more about the real world as a result of the consequences of her unwise but well-meaning efforts to control the people around her. The movie became immensely popular because of the glitzy lifestyle and high school environment, as well as Silverstone’s limitless, fashionable wardrobe and catchphrases.

  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off released in 1986 and has become a cult classic since then. The movie shows the adventures and escapades of Matthew Broderick playing the eponymous Ferris Bueller playing truant from high school. As with most high school movies, this movie offers ample opportunities for escapism while critiquing vital teenage issues such as parental conflict, sibling rivalry, and personal achievement. Known for its witty dialogue and the extremely likable persona of Ferris Bueller, this movie celebrates the underdog as a true hero.

  1. The Breakfast Club

It’s strange how so many great high school movies come from the 1980s, but The Breakfast Club checks all the points for a high school classic. Centred around five students spending detention time after school, the movie explores different issues and the complications that affect adolescents. The film cuts to the chase from the get go and is driven entirely by the dialogues the five classmates engage in with each other. Generations of school-going teenagers have related to the characters over the years, making this one of the best school movies.

  1. Easy A

The 2010 release Easy A is hardly considered a classic, but is highly topical and relevant to the present times. Featuring Emma Stone in the role of the opportunistic Olive Penderghast, this movie was inspired by the novel A Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The story sets into motion when Olive sews a scarlet A on her clothes and inspires rumours about her virginity. In due course, the movie explores a myriad of issues such as school bullying, body shaming, obesity and sexuality.

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