5 Important Things To Balance Work, Study and Fun During College

If the last thought on your mind before going to bed is, “I’ll write my essay in the morning,” you need to do a better job of balancing study with work and fun. Whether it’s working at the local library, taking out your boyfriend, or sitting with your friend for homework help, here are some things to keep in mind for a balanced life at college.

  1. Start from day 1

The first days of the semester are filled with orientations and introductions. Use this slack time to become more organized. If you have a part-time job, factor those hours in your study calendar. If you’re tutoring someone or providing statistics help or math homework help, make sure it doesn’t overlap with your regular classes.

  1. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is public enemy number 1 when it comes to balancing work and fun with study. Maintaining a personal organizer is essential once you’ve joined college. Make sure that you commit to only so much as you can accomplish during a day. Overcommitting is the first step towards procrastination. If a friend requests assignment helpor help with homework, make sure you have time for it before you commit.

  1. Rest your body

Getting proper sleep is important. As a young adult, your social life is likely to be very busy. But maintaining good health is equally important. Make sure you get 8 hours sleep every night. This will give you ample time to complete your daily assignments, be good at your part-time job and have fun. No more running around snobbish peers for finance homework help or statistics help at the last minute.

  1. Get your priorities right

The key to a balanced college life is prioritizing. You need to target things that are top priority, making sure that you manage medium priority tasks and have some time left to pull through low priority tasks as well. If your chemistry paper is due in the morning, get your chemistry homework help right now. For that essay due next week, you can contact a paper writing service the next day.

  1. Did you get ME-time?

Finally, make sure you have time for yourself during the day. Friends will always come up to you for programming assignment help or to invite you to a dorm party or for SPSS help. If you feel you’ve had a hectic day and would like to relax, just say ‘No.’ Your friends will understand and you’ll be charged up for the next day.

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