Five common problems international students face

Getting accepted into an international university is thrilling, to say the least. But along with the excitement and euphoria, come some vital questions. How does one adjust to a different place? Climate, food, people, everything’s different. Who’s going to help with homework or write my essay? Here are five common problems faced by international students in western universities.

  1. Missing home

Homesickness is the first bolt that hits international students once they’ve settled into their dorms. The differences in culture, language, food and dressing come into sharp focus once the initial enthusiasm wears off. One misses family and close friends, familiar places and sounds. Back home, one can go to a cousin for chemistry homework help. There’s no one to go to for homework help here. The best way to deal with this is to treat it as a natural part of change. Focus on making new friends and broadening your cultural horizons.

  1. Language barriers

Language is essential for effective communication. And since not all countries have the same level of fluency in English, international students, especially in western countries, face challenges in communicating with each other as well as with native students. Students with basic levels of English fluency may struggle with asking directions, getting a paper writing service, seeking help with homework, and finding part-time jobs.

  1. Pulling your own weight

Traveling to an international university is many international students’ first experience of living independently. That means doing your own cooking, laundry, and making do without assignment help from a parent. Although it can be challenging, the lessons in independence build character and self-reliance, reducing the need for depending on others for chores and thinking, “Who can I ask to write my essay?”

  1. Money matters

The costs of studying abroad are substantial, even for students on scholarship. Research paper writing services offer help, but can be expensive. Simple pleasures such as eating out, going to the movies, stationery expenses as well as necessary daily activities such as transportation and professional homework help and tutoring can be costlier than back home.

  1. Coursework

Finally, the coursework can be intimidating for many international students because of the differences in educational standards in each country. For many students, this might be their first experience in writing research papers, using online learning software and portals, subscribing to best assignment writing services, doing group-based projects, and so on. Friends can provide initial support for things like SPSS help, but it’s up to you to be prepared for the long haul.

None of these challenges are insurmountable. All it takes is some grit, confidence and effort to open up. Once you’ve achieved this, studying abroad can have a lasting positive impact on your life.

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