After making an assignment, what is the biggest fear for the writer? Plagiarism.

What if the content is plagiarized?!

If the content is plagiarized it can lead to unimaginable consequences for the student.

Most professors have a very strict policy about plagiarized assignments. They simply don’t accept them and fail the student. This can lead to a year loss for the student and can also lead to depression and similar other problems. In fact, there are so many types of plagiarism that you may not even have thought of.

These ‘gray areas’ can lead to the unintentional presence of plagiarized content in your assignment.

But there are ways you can avoid it and save yourself from a trip to the principal’s office. But before we discuss how to reduce plagiarism in your assignments, we should discuss what it actually is.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and representing it as one’s own and not giving due credit to the original author. Plagiarism is prohibited under the copyright law. Here are ways you can reduce plagiarism from your college assignment writing work.

Use multiple sources for Plagiarism Free Assignment

When writing your assignment make it more compelling by adding a variety of resources. This will reduce plagiarism in your assignment. You should know that plagiarism only occurs when you have a lot of content coming from a single source. By adding multiple sources to your content, you can easily reduce instances of plagiarism.

You can also make a compilation of what sources have said by paraphrasing their thoughts if they are long. Moreover, having multiple sources mentioned in your article means that you have done adequate research in the field and you are now an expert.

Make sure to give due credit to all people missing from our list.

Base your work on your own ideas

Sounds silly right? Who doesn’t base their work on their own ideas? But this can happen if you have researched only one or two research papers to complete your assignment. The best bet is to write your thoughts on the paper and then read them aloud. This will help you know if you have accidentally written plagiarized content word by word.

If that happens, replace the plagiarized part with something else while keeping the meaning of the paragraph intact. You can also try writing a paragraph without any outside sources. This will ensure that you are thinking through the topic on your own, rather than relying on already-published ideas.

Cite your sources

It is better to cite sources that you use for making your assignment. Not citing resources can reduce the credibility of the author. Because all ideas are copied from one person or another.

Accurately citing your sources is one of the best safeguards against plagiarism. Remember that you don’t just have to cite when using quotes. 

You also have to cite ideas that aren’t yours. The reason many students fail is that they present the idea of the author as their own. This is again an instance of plagiarism and can lead to problems for them. The rule of thumb while making an assignment is: When unsure, cite the idea or provide a source.  You can use sites like EasyBib to cite sources in MLA style, APA style, or Chicago style.

Keep a Track of all Sources

One common mistake that students make while making assignments is that they can’t keep a track of information they have used in their assignment. Therefore, they can’t add their sources. A simple way to keep their data organized is by adding it in a T Chart. This way they can put all the information in a column that prevents them from accidentally forgetting the information.

Rephrase Words

One way to reduce plagiarism is by rephrasing the words of others. An assignment should not have more than five percent of the content sourced from other sources. Therefore, the assignment makers should rephrase the words of others. This technique can also be used for writing content or assignments for online mediums.

Run your paper through a plagiarism checker

Finally, the assignment maker should run the paper through a Plagiarism Checker Online software. Most plagiarism checking software will match the content with data available online. If exact matching queries are found they will tell you about it.

One free version of Plagiarism Checker Online is available by Small SEO Tools. However, students can also use paid tools like Copyscape to make their assignments plagiarism-free.

Or, you can also get College Assignment Help from assignment writing services available online. They have proficient writers who are always ready to work on your assignments. Get help from them to complete college assignment writing work.


It is better to use plagiarism and grammar checking software to improve the readability of the assignments. Professor gives grace marks to students who have written the assignments with proper wording.