When I first started writing, I never knew how to write properly. It was not until my first semester in university that I got to know about the proper structure of essay tips and tricks.

The essay is not just an important part of the academic activities but it is also a way of opening doors to your future. When you apply for a university, you are tasked to write a persuasive essay. Skipping ‘persuasion’ part can lead to your rejection. Next, when you are in university, you have to keep perfecting this skill in order to climb the ladder of university years. Even in your masters and postgraduate studies, essays won’t leave you for even a second.

That’s why, not only it is important to write essays that convince, but bringing flair and arguments to your essay is equally essential.

Let’s follow some tips that can help you perfect your essay writing skills.

1. Essay Is just like a story

First and the last thing you need to listen to is that essay is just a story told in a formal way. But formality is such a last century thing. Now even universities allow you to keep a conversational tone while writing your essay. It makes the story crisp, powerful, and attractive. Readers are known to love essays that have a proper story. How to add a story to your article? That’s the question we answer next.

2. Ask: How can you add flair to your essay

Start with an argument. Imagine that you are in a court and trying to convince the judges that your defendant is innocent. How will you go about it? What type of voice will you use? Will you offer evidence? Absolutely! That’s how you add a strong case that will make the judges feel your opinion.

Why not bring similar flair to your writing? Make an argument. Take a side. Convince your readers that you are resolute in taking a stand, and you will hold your ground.

3. Research, research, and research

The only way to add a convincing argument to your essay is by adding sources. How do you add them? You have to research a lot. For starters, add five sources that are in favor of your argument. Now, add some twist. Add sources that are against your argument. In the end, take a firm stand. You can either stay on your take of the story. Or, you can leave the decision to the reader. It totally depends on the type of subject you are working with. If it is an open-ended essay, you can leave the reader to take a side. If it is a close-ended one, end it with your take on the story.

4. Brainstorm

One way to start an essay is by brainstorming. Brainstorming is usually a five-minute session in which you add all the topics that are in your mind about a particular subject. Let’s say you want to write on a controversial topic, “why women should have equal pay.” You will start by brainstorming topics like:

  • Financial needs of both
  • Women and men are equal
  • Base pay scale for both

These are just some of the topic ideas that you will brainstorm to form a content outline.

5. Follow the structure

The basic structure of an essay includes an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. All essays have this structure. But writers can increase it depending on their needs. Some have an abrupt introduction, while some have more beef in the body of the content. It also depends on the type of essay you are writing and the kind of argument you will be adding to it.

6. Add multiple points of views

To solidify your essay and bring more juice to Common Essay Topics, add multiple points of views to the story. You can add these to convince your readers about the fact you are stating. You can also quote the content of the sources directly in your write up just to add more credibility to what you have to say. For example, if you are writing about the massacre in the crusade of the 1200s. You can add sources from Bernard Lewis, John Robinson and many others who have written about the topic.

7. Bring an argument to your story

We have been discussing the importance of argument from the start and how it can improve the quality of your essay. Let’s learn how to come up with an argument. For example, you are to write about the legality of LGBT marriages. You are against it. How will you make a convincing argument?

‘Research says LGBT marriages can harm children’

Why did I mention this? There is a whole argument about it and that’s what you will lay down in your article.

8. Mistakes to Avoid

Finally, let’s shed some light on the mistakes that students should avoid while writing essay assignments.

a. Plagiarism

One biggest reason many assignments are rejected by professors is that they are ditto copy of some other write up. This happens when students are either too lazy to re-write the content in their own words or just don’t have the time to do it. Now clever algorithms are available to check plagiarism such as SEO plagiarism tool, and Grammarly. These can catch plagiarized content within an instant. That’s why it is important that students write content that is unique, creative, and provides a solid argument.

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b. Lack of sources

Another reason students fail assignments is that their claims are not backed by proper sources. Some students read a write-up and then add that idea within their essay. But they forget to mention the source. This leaves a loose end and the professors reject the piece.

c. Poor grammar

Finally, readability is a must-do in all essay articles. Grammar can make or break a content piece. So, it is important that students write their essays using proper grammar. They should take care of the choice of words, run-on sentences, comma splices, and missing commas.

Essay writing is hard. Use these essay help tips and hopefully with this Essay Writing Guide you can come up with convincing arguments within your essay pieces.

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