Studying in a foreign country is a dream for many. But are you ready to go through the trouble of leaving your family for a good four years, where international students living alone in a small room during your course years, having no friends in the foreign land and having no job to support yourself?

That’s what send shivers down the spine.

Nonetheless, many thousands try to enter foreign countries just to experience the life and possibilities that come with it.

This article is about common problems that international students face when they travel to Canada for studies.

Canada is one of the most demanded education destinations for many. Most of its universities rank among top 100 in the QS university rankings, and that’s why people prefer to get enrolled in them.

Another reason people prefer to move to Canada for studies is that they can then get permanent residency after the studies are complete.

But, where there is a glimmer of hope, there are harsh bitter realities too.

Problems International Students Face in Canada

So, let’s discuss the common problems that students face while studying in Canada, and how these problems can ruin their life if they are not too careful enough. We will also learn guides and tips to help students that face problems while studying.

1. Socialization

It is hard to socialize when you are an alien in the country. When students move to Canada they feel socially alienated because most of the people in their neighborhood are Canadian. They don’t understand each other’s culture, and blending-in is a hard bet in the initial days for most students.

Moreover, these students are a little shocked because now they are responsible for themselves. In their home countries, they have a whole family that looks after each other. But in the new country, they don’t have anyone who can take care of them.

Guides and Tips:

  • Get out of the house and start meeting new people
  • Most of these people will make fun of you and will probably try to hurt you as an international student, just avoid them and be smart to not get in their traps
  • But there will be people who will genuinely like you. Make friends with them so they can become your allies and you don’t feel so alienated all the time. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on.

2. Accent

Asians don’t speak English all the time. Their accents are developed around their own country’s languages. The culture of Asia is diverse. There are Indians, Pakistanis, and Chinese, to name a few top countries. All these countries speak a different language.

For students that are going from these countries to Canada, the accent can become a major problem in the start.

People make fun of them and they become self-conscious. This not only hurts their self-esteem but it also reduces their interests in studies.

Guides and Tips:

  • Ignore. Just like you are not good at speaking English, Canadians are also not good in speaking your language. So, be proud.
  • You are not there to sing or become the next Lady Gaga. Focus on your studies so that you can achieve the goal that you have in mind.

3. Foods

While Canada has many international restaurants, the only problem is that students coming from another country don’t have enough money to buy food from restaurants every day. So, the students have to cook their own food. This is not only time-consuming but also study-diverting.

Guides and Tips:

  • Cook food on Sundays and put it in the fridge. This way you don’t have to waste time while eating anything.
  • Get food in bulk from shopping marts where the food is on sale.

4. Jobs

Many new students in Canada face the burden of doing a job. The thing is that students studying in Canada are on a student visa only. This means they can only work for 20 hours at a time. So, they have to find part-time jobs in restaurants, petrol pumps, and other places just to keep their finances up.

Guides and Tips:

  • Search in the international community to look for part-time jobs faster.
  • Pick jobs that offer more dollars per hour.

5. Finances

This brings us to the next point i.e. finances. Handling finances when you are doing two part-time jobs and studying at the university at the same time is pretty tough. That is one major problem for students who have to keep a track of their finances while studying abroad.

Guides and Tips:

  • Keep a log of all your finances so that you can know when you are spending over budget.

6. Homesickness

Homesickness isn’t a permanent problem. But for students who have just started studying in Canadian universities, the sickness of leaving home can be devastating. But since it is temporary, students get settled to the new life pretty soon.

Guides and Tips:

  • Stay focused on your studies and job and homesickness will soon go away.
  • Try to make new friends so that the settling time in the new place is short.
  • Try to make friends that are from your home country, this way you will still be able to speak your native language in front of them.


Almost all students face these problems when they move to foreign countries. The only way to get rid of them faster is to put yourself out in the community and volunteer in various activities so that you feel like you are at home.