Revision / Refund Policy
  1. There is no charge if you cancel your project before a writer has been assigned to it, provided that you place another order of equal value. If a writer is working on your order, it will have to be completed. As we believe in being fair to our writers and clients, it is fair for the writer to be compensated for their effort.
  2. In case of double invoicing from our system, do inform us immediately and email the receipts to us with all the necessary details. We will reverse the invoice and refund the excess payment to you at the earliest.
  3. Our first priority is always to assign your order to the most competent writer on our team. Occasionally, our writers are busy and we cannot match your paper to a suitable writer. In such cases, we offer doing your next order without any charge—absolutely FREE.
  4. When placing your order, do ensure that you provide complete assignment details and resource materials. In case we are unable to deliver the draft version of your order within the deadline, we will upgrade the writing quality to compensate for any penalty you face for late submission and to maintain your desired grade.
  5. We are happy to perform multiple reworks to ensure 100% client satisfaction and compliance to your requirements until all assignment requirements are met. This service depends on whether we receive the revision request from you within 15 days. Any requests received, after 15 days have elapsed from the assignment date, will not be entertained. No refunds will be given on any such revision requests after 15 days.
  6. In spite of our emphasis on exceptional quality work, in the rare instances where your assignment gets a ‘fail’ grade, you are entitled to receive a 50% refund to your account. We will need to see valid proof of the fail grade within 31 days of submitting the order. We will be unable to accept any refund request for fail grades beyond this period. Since we pay our writers in advance, we are unable to recover the entire payment from them. We also ensure that any writers producing fail grade assignments will be terminated from the team immediately.
  7. You may place orders for Pass, Credit or Distinction assignments. These orders differ in the services offered and total charges. We do not change the quality of our writing or support service for any of these packages. If there is any discrepancy in our stated offer and what you receive, we will gladly refund the difference to your account. Please provide us valid evidence of low scores within 31 days of order delivery. Requests received beyond this period will not be processed.
  8. Apart from double invoicing as described in point 2 above, we do not offer cash refunds under any circumstances. In case of any other matters, we will deliver another order to you of equivalent value, free of charge.

Important: We will strictly honor valid refund claims that are covered by the above clauses. No refund will be granted if the claim falls beyond the scope of these clauses.