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with broadened libraries, it is intended to incorporate backing for JSP (Java Server Pages), JMS (Java Informing Administration), EJB (Venture Java Beans), and takes into account substantial scale dependable applications, and can bolster secure system associations. It is intended to take into consideration hearty web applications. Introduction to Variables : string, int, boolean, byte, char, short, float, double, long, arrays. Comparison operators: <,>,==,!=,<=,>= Comments: // and /* */, /** */ Operators: +,-,*,/,++,–,%,&,&&,|,||,<<,>>,>>>,!,?,: Strings: StringBuilder, StringBuffer, length, charAt, length, split, substring, replace, toLowerCase, toUpperCase, trim, endsWith, startsWith, indexOf, equals, equalsIgnoreCase Regular Expressions: Pattern, Matcher, matches, Assistance with Intermediate Java Programming. Advanced Java Language Programming support.

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