Terms of Use


Reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions below is essential before the use of our services. These terms should be read carefully to ensure complete understanding of our rights and obligations to clients. These clauses apply to all visitors and service users equally. Wherever ‘we’ or ‘us’ occurs in this document, the reference is implied to AssignmentDue.com, and all references to ‘you’ address clients, website visitors and service users, including students and their parents.

Copyright Statement

  • All content on this website is the exclusive property of AssignmentDue.com. Permission is granted to print this content as long as such use is non-commercial.
  • The content on this website may not be modified, in part or in whole, for commercial or any other use.
  • AssignmentDue.com reserves all rights that are described in this section.

Usage Restrictions

  • In order to sign up for  AssignmentDue.com subscription, you must be 10 years old or above. Younger individuals may use our services with the consent of a legal guardian or parent.

  • Except as agreed mutually in writing by the client and us, the receipt generated by AssignmentDue.com does not entitle any third party to access assignment details and course materials, or to have the order services delivered to them.
  • You have limited authority for using AssignmentDue.com services as long as such use is personal and not for commercial purposes. Information provided by us can be downloaded, copied, modified, displayed, distributed, published and offered for sale after receiving written consent from us.

  • When registering with AssignmentDue.com and using our services, you agree to use any services delivered by us for use as reference material, and will not submit it as an original work as part of an academic course for grading.

  • Any individual found violating the above terms will have their services and/or license terminated immediately.

Limited Liability and Warranty

  • AssignmentDue.com shall not accept responsibility for any interruptions in accessing the website due to technical reasons. We will cooperate with clients to ensure efficient communication.

  • AssignmentDue.com shall not be responsible for loss or damage to data stored on your computer, network or server.

  • We cannot guarantee 100% uptime on our website, even though we have partnered with the most competent professionals and technical experts to manage our software.

  • Access to the website may be suspended temporarily to carry out technical upgrades and scheduled maintenance activities.

  • AssignmentDue.com shall not accept responsibility for inability to access the website because of equipment or network failure beyond the control of our staff.

  • We offer the best quality service as support and help for students in completing their assignments. We do not accept responsibility for failing to pass a specific course. No refunds or compensation will be provided if such requests are received.

  • Once an order is delivered to the client, the transaction is considered closed. However, AssignmentDue.com offers reworking of assignments in the event of unsatisfactory grades because of poor quality. Refund requests shall not be entertained.


AssignmentDue.com reserves exclusive rights to modify, update or amend terms of service without any notification. Any such amendments shall supersede prior versions of the service terms.

Subscription Fees

AssignmentDue.com is entitled to apply subscription charges for the use of any service provided by the company.

Service Updates

All updates to the agreement shall take precedence over previous agreements and shall result in their termination.


For details, kindly read the PRIVACY POLICY page.

Revision and Refund

For details, kindly read the REVISION AND REFUND POLICY page.


Any instance of one or more service terms becoming unenforceable shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms of our service agreement.

Email Notifications

All users registering with us or subscribing to our services, will receive email notifications about upcoming promotions and service updates.

Termination of Service

AssignmentDue.com reserves exclusive rights to terminate the service agreement, in part or in whole, at any time.